Tuesday, August 23, 2011



This stuff is like GOLD in a bottle.  FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!
If your wanting to clean your bathroom, carpets, permanent marker on walls, stains in clothing, removing wallpaper, crayon, ink , gum, oil, nail polish, cleans up pet messes, candle wax, glue, tree sap, juice stains
You can buy sol-u-mel either in the original scent or a lemon scent. I have tried both and I prefer the lemon scent over the original, but would still use both!
It can be used as a all purpose cleaner, a cleaning booster.or as a deodorizer
Doesn't contain any phosphates or any other caustic chemicals, it is mostly made up of melaleuca oil.

16oz bottle- makes 4 24oz bottles
P.C. Price $13.99 8pts 237ml
P.C. Price $25.99 16pts 473ml

I compared this product to Fantastic All purpose cleaner which is 650ml for $4.99.  You would have to buy 5 bottles of fantastic to make up the same amount you would be getting from the one bottle of sol-u-mel.  That would cost you $24.95 for 5 bottles.  Sol-u-mel is going to cost you $25.99 and you would only buy one bottle.  So you are helping the environment by cutting down 4 bottles that would be going into the landfills.

I would rate this a 10 if I could. I highly suggest anyone who is going to try some of the melaleuca products to try this one.  I ordered it in my first order and I was sold.  I remember running around the house trying to find things that had stains on them so I could try and get them off with sol-u-mel.  Two of my stories are I have a little kids table that I bought from a garage sale and it had permanent marker all up the legs on the wood.  I had tried previously to get it out, can't even remember what product I used, but it didn't come out, so when I got these new products I tried it on her table and BAM it was gone in a couple swipes, couldn't believe it:)
My second experience was my parents were re-doing their kitchen and living room.  My mom was trying to get wallpaper off of her walls and it was coming off in little pieces. If any of you have ever tried to get wallpaper off you know what I'm talking about. It's TOUGH work, and takes a LONG time.  I brought over my sol-u-mel bottle to give it a try and see if it took it off any better.  It worked so good, you would wipe it with the cloth and it would just come off. Yet again I was sold.

Over the years it has done wonders in my home, I will ALWAYS buy sol-u-mel. I even put a capfull into my hubby's work clothes and that makes them get cleaner.  I love this stuff and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.
Please take a moment and tell everyone your personal experience of Sol-u-mel, and if you found it to work or not.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sol-u-guard Botanical 2x concentrated

1 bottle makes up 2  17oz bottles

PRICE $12.99 6pts 503ml. 

So basically one bottle will give you 1006ml of solution.
I priced out the lysol kitchen cleaner antibacterial and for 650ml you would pay $4.69.  The lysol is made up mostly of ethanol and is harmful to your skin, lungs, and babies. 
For a extra $3.61 you can get a better product, that doesn't have safety caps on the bottle, is better for your lungs, and won't cause a allergic reaction when it touches the skin. 

Sol-u-guard botancial is a natural disinfectant that uses two natural ingredients thymol and citric acid.  It is a EPA approved product that kills 99.9% of household bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces in less than 10 mins. They have come out with a new formula which is a milder herbal scent and has additional citric acid.

In conclusion you are able to spend less money, breathe easier and eliminate germs, so gentle you can use around your kids, your pets and food.

Sol-u-guard disinfects :
 Poliovirus type 1
Influenza A
Rhinovirus 37

Can be used on :
Light switches
Pet Bowls
Litter Boxes
Garbage Cans
Children's Toys
High Chairs
Changing Tables

I would like you, if you have tried this product to rate it 0 being the worst, and 5 being the best.  Also comment and let us know if there was a personal product experience you have had with using sol-u-guard botanical.

My review- I give it a 5. I started using Sol-u-guard botanical over 2 years ago and I will buy nothing else.  I love the smell and find it works great. When I first used it, I was a little skeptical. I was cutting raw chicken and I sprayed on the solution and left it for 10 mins, then wiped it away.  However I was thinking how can it get rid of germs if it's a all natural product.  I have done my research and even knowing that it was EPA approved made me realize even though it's not stocked full of harmful chemicals it can still clean up germs just as good as any other product. And if it didn't work, I'm sure I would have gotten E.coli at some point., lol. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My first blog and what it's about

Hey everyone,

    I'm sure some of you have heard of Melaleuca before, some of you maybe have no idea what on earth I'm talking about, lol.  Well melaleuca is a wellness company that has been around for 26 years and they are debt free company.  They have exceptional products that people use EVERYDAY.  If you brush your teeth, wash your hair, do laundry, you would use these products all the time.  The difference between Melaleuca products and those that you would find in the grocery store are simple.........Melaleuca puts research into their products and uses tea tree oil in most of their products which is a natural healing ingredient.  I am making this blog, because for those people who do hear about melaleuca usually wants to get some feedback on whether or not their products are good or bad before they decide to set up a membership.  I am here to get everyone's testimonials on what product experiences they have had.  Hope you enjoy:D